December Housing FAQs

December housing is available to all students at NUS student rooms at discounted rates. Students are able to select specific dates of the December break when they would like to stay. For students with circumstances where they require assistance in paying for December housing at NUS, the college will review such cases and provide assistance on a case-by-case basis after assessing the overall situation. Below are some frequently asked questions about December Housing.

Why do I have to move to NUS rooms for December housing? Why can’t I just stay in a Yale-NUS room?

There are very few students on campus during December break. In general, it is preferable for students to live with others, rather than live alone. This ensures that students will be able to call on staff and security on duty for help when needed, which is available at NUS. It also helps students who struggle with loneliness feel less isolated. Given that we would not be able to staff the use of butteries over break, nor will there be dining hall service, NUS accommodations also provide the possibility of using cooking facilities.

The second reason is security-related. This is especially important because students store items in their suites between semesters. It also ensures that staff on duty are able to find students easily in situations of emergency. Finally, it also ensures that students who have not paid to be on campus are not accessing their suites.

How was the weekly rate for December housing set?

NUS provides different rates for different kinds of rooms, all of the information may be found here in the slide deck on NUS Vacation Experience. Students may choose the kind of rooms they wish to have and for the dates they wish to have them.

Note that those who are seeking financial assistance to pay for December housing, your Assistant Dean and Student Services may provide advice on choosing the kind of accommodation that will be the best balance between comfort and financial responsibility.

Please note that the minimum length of stay is 3 nights.

How is financial assistance for December Housing determined?

Financial assistance is determined based on need. If you have need for financial assistance, please email Student Services at The Student Services and Campus Life staff will subsequently meet with you to discuss your financial assistance package.