FAQs on University Health Insurance (UHC & MYCG)

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*Please refer to the full policy or work directly with the provider with Student Services as your liaison.

1.) What is the type of coverage for each group of students?

Provider Type of coverage Who
MYCG ·  Group Personal Accident (GPA)

· Group Outpatient Specialist (SP)



Singapore Citizen

Singapore PR


MYCG ·   Group Hospitalisation & Surgery (GHS)

-(Government restructured hospital and UHC – Ward B2)

Singapore Citizen

Singapore PR

· Group Hospitalisation & Surgery (GHS)

– (Government restructured hospital and UHC, Ward B1)

-Outpatient Mental Health


UHC · University Health Scheme (general health coverage – outpatient) Singapore Citizen

Singapore PR


UHC · Outpatient Mental Health Singapore Citizen

Singapore PR

2.) If a student is on LOA, will there be insurance coverage during the LOA period ?

If student is on LOA due to medical reason, the student will continue to be covered until the end of the next semester after the LOA starts, provided the insurance premium is paid.

If the LOA is due to non-medical, the insurance coverage for the student will stop when the student is on LOA.

3.) Are first year students attending orientation covered under the University’s Health Insurance?

Yes, first year students attending orientation activities organized by NUS (Yale-NUS) will be covered under the NUS Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA) during orientation.

4.) What is the annual limit for outpatient mental health?

The annual limit is $2,000 per year (for International UG students only).

Local students will need to be seen in our clinic for referral to our in-house psychiatrist. Consultation is free for them. But they will need to pay for non-standard medication only (For Local UG students only).

5.) I was prescribed medication by the psychiatrist; is this covered under University’s Health Insurance?

International Undergraduates – Yes, for covered mental health conditions, prescribed medication purchased from UHC or a pharmacy in a Singapore Government Restructured Hospital is covered under the Outpatient Mental Health Rider of the NUS Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (GHS). This is provided the student was referred to the Psychiatrist by a NUS counsellor or a doctor. If prescribed medication is purchased from a private pharmacy, 50% of eligible expenses will be covered by the insurance.

Local Undergraduates – Visit to Psychiatrists at Government Restructured Hospital with referral by a physician or NUS counsellor is reimbursable at subsidised rate, subject to terms and conditions. Non-standard drugs and treatment at private clinic are strictly not claimable. Pre-existing conditions will not be reimbursable.
For more information, please refer to http://nus.edu.sg/uhc/general-health/billing-insurance/insurance-matters

6.) Is sexual assault covered under the University’s Health Insurance?

Bodily injuries and/or illnesses resulting from the assault are generally covered. However, please note that the following are not covered:

  • Committing an assault or felony
  • Under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse
  • Self-inflicted injuries or any attempt thereat
  • Sickness or disease directly or indirectly arising from sexually transmitted disease, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), any AIDS related condition, or infection by Human Immune-Deficiency Virus (HIV).

7.) Are dental expenses covered?

Dental expenses are not covered except for treatment of damage to sound natural teeth as a result of an accident.

8.) Are optical expenses covered ?

Optical expenses are not covered.

9.) How do students pay their insurance premium?

Students pay the insurance premium via the miscellaneous fees (eg. Health and Student Service fees) as part of their student fees listed on the student bill on per semester basis.

10.) What is the time-frame for submission of claims?

– UHC – please submit your claims within 30 days (from the date of treatment) in person for processing to the University Health Centre (Admin Office).
– MYCG – If you have incurred medical expenses, please submit a claim for processing within 30 days of the date of treatment. Please submit your claim through the e-claim system with NUS here.

This FAQ is developed for Yale-NUS students ONLY. Please refer to the NUS University Health Centre (UHC) or MYCG for full coverage details.

*Disclaimer: Health insurance claims are subject to review on a case by case basis by UHC or the insurance provider (MYCG). Coverage is subject to the insurer’s policy terms and conditions.

Last Updated on 16 June 2020