FAQs on NUS Student Travel Insurance (Marsh)

1.) What is the definition of NUS Students (Yale-NUS)?

For the purpose of the travel insurance policy, “Students” have been defined as “Persons who have been registered, enrolled, admitted or accepted into any programs, activities, courses or classes offered, conducted or administered by the University and who travel overseas on or for activities or purposes approved, endorsed, organised, sponsored or authorised by NUS.”

2.) Which of my trips will be covered by the NUS Annual Student Travel Insurance Policy (Marsh) ?

All students travelling overseas for activities or purposes approved, endorsed, organized, sponsored or authorised by NUS will be covered by the NUS Student Travel Insurance Policy. Such trips shall be referred to as “Official NUS Student Trips” in short for purpose of this policy. Trips must commence and end in Singapore** and shall not exceed 730 days in all (inclusive of 60 cumulative days of Personal Deviation immediately before and/or after an Official NUS Student Trip) ** For Students who choose to go back to Home Country after an Official Trip with no intention of returning to Singapore, this travel insurance will terminate upon utilization of the 60 days personal deviation or upon their arrival at their home town whichever occurs first.

3.) What is Personal Deviation and is there cover for Personal Deviation (PD)?

Personal Deviation (PD in short) refers to trips taken for personal vacation. This can take place during the term of the Official Trip and outside of the Official Trip (i.e. immediately before & after)

There is no capping on the no. of days for personal travel during the term of the Official Trip. But for PD taken outside of an Official Trip, this is subject to a maximum total of * **60 days

This Travel Insurance will terminate upon utilization of the **60 days and there will be NO cover for the balance of the trip unless the extension for personal deviation is exercised. Such extension should preferably be activated prior to your trip departure from Singapore, with payment of the appropriate additional premiums. (Please submit the completed “Request for Extension of Personal Deviation beyond **60 days” form via email). Extension of the personal deviation will only be activated upon receipt of your premium cheque for the appropriate additional premium.

The additional premium applicable is SGD20.00 per block of 10 days or part thereof to be payable upfront to “Marsh Singapore Pte Ltd”. There will be no refund of premium once the PD Extension has been activated.

4.) How do I get my trips covered by NUS Student Travel Insurance (Marsh)?

Students must ensure that trips are approved, endorsed, organised, sponsored or authorised in writing by the relevant approving authority in the Faculty / Department / Centre / Program for such official NUS student trips. Students/ Departments are to keep proper record of the approval / endorsement for the Official NUS Student Trips and also Date of Departure from Singapore and Arrival to Singapore as this will account for the Personal Deviation. Students are required to submit these proofs in the event of claim submission to the insurers.

5.) If I am going on a personal trip during the weekend (e.g Malaysia, Indonesia, etc), would I be covered by NUS Student Travel Insurance (Marsh)?

No, you would not be covered by NUS Student travel insurance. Please acquire your own personal travel insurance from AIG. For more information, please refer to this link.

6.) If I am going for a leisure / home trip (i.e. semester break, recess week), would I be covered by NUS Student Travel Insurance (Marsh)?

No, this policy covers only NUS(Yale-NUS) endorsed and authorized trips; pure leisure / home trips are not covered. If you are going for home leave that immediately connects to an Official Student Trip, this can be covered subject to adequacy of the personal deviation as allowed under the policy, i.e. 60 days or as extended at additional premium. The duration whilst you are in your home country will be deemed as personal deviation.

7.) After my Yale-NUS Official Trip, I may want to return to my Home Country permanently instead of coming back to Singapore. Will I be covered?

The intention of this policy is to provide cover for Students departing from and returning to Singapore. If Students decide to return to Home Country for good instead of returning to Singapore, this insurance will terminate upon the expiry of the personal deviation period as allowed under policy or upon the Insured Person arriving at his home town in the Home Country whichever is earlier.

8.) When I am on Semester Study Abroad (SEP status), if during the semester there is a recess break/week and I want to travel;

8.1) Am I covered if I just stay/travel in the host country ?

       You will be covered as the recess break/week is within your semester study abroad period.

8.2) Am I covered if I travel outside the host country ?

You will be covered as the period is within your semester study abroad period.

9.) If I am going overseas to represent NUS and/or Yale-NUS in sports or overseas sporting events and tournaments, will I be covered?

Yes, cover is granted for NUS (Yale-NUS) overseas sporting events & tournaments. Do take note that there is no cover if students are engaging in professional sports.
This insurance also does not extend to students who are representing Singapore or other third party organisations.

10.) If as student, I secure my own Non-CIPE internship, summer abroad or equivalent, am I covered by Marsh?

11.) Can students use international SOS when on official college trips?

Yes, students can use international SOS when on official college trips. You would need to download the International SOS mobile application and send your travel itinerary to mytrips@travelsecurity.com  When prompted by the mobile application, register for a new profile using your full passport name, Yale-NUS email address and the Yale-NUS membership number – 02AYCA085883. If you are travelling overseas, please remember to drop a pin each time you are in a new city or country, even if you are on a different mobile number. This will enable us to send you travel advisories, important information and emergency notifications.

12.) Are NUS students (Yale-NUS) covered under the NUS Student Travel Insurance (Marsh) during school vacation periods without participating in the college’s trips/programmes ?

No, the NUS Student Travel insurance is only for NUS Students(Yale-NUS), who are on approved, endorsed, organized, sponsored or authorized trips by NUS(Yale-NUS). Therefore, if the student is going overseas during the school vacation, which are not approved/endorsed by NUS(Yale-NUS), there will be no cover. These are more likely considered as leisure trips, which they would have to arrange their own insurance.

13.) What is the time-frame for submission of claims?

As soon as possible after the occurrence or within 30 days upon return to Singapore; notification to be made via email TravelClaims.SG@chubb.com  together with scanned claim forms/ notifications/ other claims supporting documents to Chubb Insurance. Original medical receipts are required for individual bills with a value in excess of S$300. Claim forms can be obtained here.

This FAQ is developed for Yale-NUS students ONLY. Please refer to the NUS travel insurance (Marsh) for full coverage details.

Last Updated on 18 Oct 2018