Shadow Grade Policy

Modules taken by first-year students in their first semester are ungraded for the record. The grades assigned by instructors in these modules, called ‘shadow grades’, are used to provide feedback to students but do not become part of the student’s academic record.

The core purpose of non-letter graded courses is to create space for students to explore and experiment with diverse areas of knowledge with greater freedom.

Instructors convey shadow grades to their students individually. Instructors also submit grades to Registry through their respective module facilitators.

Registry is authorised to share grades of particular students with the student’s Assistant Dean at the latter’s request for the purpose of identifying students at risk. Shadow grades can be used only for this purpose.

Shadow grades are not to be shared with other faculty, used by CIPE in selecting students for fellowships or study abroad programmes, used in writing reference letters, or for any other purpose.

Last updated: 07 April 2021