Policy on Independent Research Modules (IRR/ILSR/SPS)

With effect from Semester 2, AY2017-2018, Independent Reading and Research (2MC), Independent Language Study and Research (2MC) and Special Project in Science (5MC) can be graded and counted towards majors subject to the following conditions:

IRR = Independent Reading and Research (2MC);

ILSR = Independent Language Study and Research (2MC)

SPS = Special Project in Science (5MC)

1. A maximum of 7 MCs can be counted from IRR/ILSR/SPS throughout a student’s undergraduate career. These are usually ungraded. Only modules that count towards a student’s major or independent minor can be graded.

2. A maximum of 5 IRR/ILSR/SPS MCs can be graded and count towards the major or independent minor with the prior approval from the Head of Studies or Advisor to an Independent Minor.

3. In extremely rare circumstances, an exception to the maximum above may be approved by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee following the relevant Divisional Director’s endorsement.

4. A maximum of 2 IRR/ILSR is allowed in one semester.

5. A maximum of 2MCs only from IRR/ILSR can be counted towards the requirements for a minor with prior approval from the Head of Studies of the relevant major.

6. NO SPS can be counted towards requirements for a minor in Science.

7. SPS is open only to Year 3 students.

Updated on: 27 Oct 2017