Student Billing

Schedule of payment

Schedule of payment for Semester 2 AY2020/2021


Activity Remarks
Access to Student Bill One week before start of Semester 2 AY2020/2021
Payment deadline (Non-GIRO) 29 January 2021
Payment deadline (GIRO) 5 March 2021

Students are billed per semester for their academic fees, which includes tuition, housing and other fees, which are details on the bill.

Due dates for each semester fees are:

Late-August/early-October for Semester 1

Early to Mid-February for Semester 2

Student bills are available from the first instructional week of each semester. All students are able to access their bills from their EduRec accounts: 

Information on the various modes of payment, including the turnaround time for updating your account after payment is available at:

Online payment via EduRec

If the status shows it is pending in your EduRec, the payment most probably has not gone through. A receipt for your payment should pop up after payment. Below are some of the common reasons for unsuccessful payment.

  • Pop-up blockers not disabled on computer
  • Credit card not activated for overseas usage
  • Credit card transaction limit

Please disable your browser’s pop-up blockers before making the payment, below are instructions on how to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker. If it still does not work, contact your bank to check on your credit card.

Google Chrome

Apple Safari

Internet Explorer

Firefox Mozilla

For students who have NSI tagged to their EduRec due to outstanding fees, NSI tags need a 24-hour turn-around time after payment has been received for it to be lifted. Payments that need bank’s processing time such as cheque and Telegraphic Transfer (TT) will take longer than the 24-hour turn-around time.

For International Students

If you are using telegraphic or wired transfer for payment of their course fees, please ensure to include an allowance above the total course fees. This is due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate and for any bank charges.To view your course fees in your home country’s currency, please refer to the link below and select the currency of your home country from the drop down list *

*The fees reflected in your home currency is only a gauge, actual bank rates would be determined by the local bank being used for the telegraphic or wired transfer.

Students on Semester Abroad (Incoming and Outgoing)

For students participating in study abroad (incoming or outgoing). Your student bill process take up to 3 weeks from the start of the semester to be adjusted. Please refer to the table below on the items which you would be billed.

  Yale-NUS Tuition Fees Miscellaneous Fees Housing Fees Remarks
Outgoing Students – 1st Semester Abroad Billed  


Not Billed Students who are going to Amherst and Swarthmore College will be billed Housing Fees
Outgoing Students – 2nd Semester Abroad Not Billed Not Billed Not Billed Students are billed a Continuing Registration Fee to maintain their student status
Incoming Students – Exchange Not Billed Billed (paid during Registration Part I before arrival ) Billed Students who are from Amherst and Swarthmore College will not be billed Housing Fees
Incoming Students – Non-Exchange Not Billed Billed (paid during Registration Part I before arrival ) Billed Students pay tuition fees as outlined at