Student Care and Advising

Role of the Assistant Dean (AD)

The role of the Assistant Dean (AD) is to support student development by strengthening the personal and academic well-being of individual students in their residential college(RC) through student care and student advising. Assistant Deans also oversee the management and operations of the Residential College and serves as a lecturer in one of the divisions at the college ( ie Humanities, Social Sciences and Science).

Residential Life Officers (RLOs)

RLOs mentor the Residential College Advisors (RCAs) and assist the AD in student care and student advising programmes for all cohorts.

Residential College Advisors ( RCAs)

RCAs are senior students who provide care and guidance to a group of first year students that they have been assigned to.

To speak with a RLO or RCA contact:

Evenings (from 6pm) and weekends call: RCA Duty Phone Number: 9338 3449

Saga Residential College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3931

Elm Residential College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3930

Cendana Residential College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3661

For urgent matters, contact your ADs directly at:

To schedule an appointment with your AD, please email the following College Manager: