General Advising

Role of the Vice Rector (VR)

The Vice Rector (VR) is the chief academic advisor and advocate for students in the residential colleges. As personal development impacts academic success and performance, the role of the VR is to focus on enhancing emotional intelligence through academic counselling. The VRs supervise the academic progress of students and advise them throughout the process of selecting courses, picking a major, and completing graduation requirements. The VR also provides personal advising to undergraduates, including finding effective ways to help highly motivated students manage the sometimes intense demands of their academic work, identifying students with academic and/or disciplinary challenges and providing them with appropriate support.

The VR works closely with the Rector and Dean of Students’ Office to build a sense of belonging among College residents and to foster an environment of caring, respect and personal growth in a diverse and talented learning community. This supports the ethos of the residential colleges, where learning, especially ‘learning to live’ takes place outside of the classroom.

In addition, the VR has other roles including being a faculty member who teaches a course in their field of specialisation as well as serve on a Yale-NUS College committee.

Vice Rector’s Note (VRN)

Vice Rector’s Note (VRN) are mainly for the postponement of an assignment or exam. The VR may give permission for a student in their residential college to make up work missed during the semester because of an incapacitating illness (physical or mental health), the death of a family member, or an emergency of comparable seriousness. The VR also has authority to give permission to make up work missed because of the observance of religious holy days for students in their residential college.

The VRN covers both a student’s unsubmitted coursework and absenses from class without penalties for the dedicated period of the note. As such, the  course instructor will arrange with the student to submit the coursework within an appropriate time frame.

If you are too ill to work, your first priority should be to get immediate medical attention. Your health should be your main concern. Please inform your VR about your situation as soon as you are able to so that your VR is aware of it and can provide the necessary support.

A VRN will not be given for:

  • Interviews (e.g. for jobs/scholarships/internships)
  • Participation in competitions, conferences, etc.
  • Computer crashes
  • Common colds or the flu
  • Travelling to attend social events (e.g. weddings)
  • Extracurricular activities (e.g. sports training, performance rehearsals)

In all other cases of work missed during the term, permission to make up for course work must be secured directly from the instructor of the course, since the instructor is the only person who can decide, in the context of the nature and requirements of the course, whether such permission is appropriate.

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For urgent matters, contact your VRs at:

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