Capstone Guidelines and Regulations

Capstone Proposal

Capstone Proposal Form (Deadline: 22 Sept 2017, Student to submit to Head of Study, HoS to submit to Registry )

Conducting Safe and Ethical Research


Capstone Funding and Claims

Capstone Funding and Claims Procedure

Capstone Funding Application Form (Deadline: 6 Oct 2017, Student to submit to Divisional Manager)

Guidelines for submitting Capstone Funding Claims

Request for Payment (RFP) Form (Deadline; 13 Apr 2018, Student to submit to Divisional Manager)


Capstone Final Report Submission (Deadline: 5pm, 6 Apr 2018)

Submission of Capstone Project Report Guidelines

Final Capstone Title Page (BA)

Final Capstone Title Page (BSc)

Declaration & Consent Form